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Vitozol CBD Oil for Dogs (300mg)

Vitozol CBD Oil for Dogs (300mg)

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Vitozol CBD Cannabis Oil – SA’s leading and most popular CBD Cannabis oil brand.

Note: This product is Organic Cannabidiol CBD Oil (Not the cheaper hemp oil alternative)

Vitozol CBD oil for dogs is extracted from organically farmed Industrial plants specifically cultivated for their high CBD content. Vitozol CBD cannabis oil for pets is routinely tested and pharmaceutically certified every month to ensure that it maintains the highest possible standard. 

Vitozol is certified to be bacteria fungus and contaminant free to ensure both the quality and safety of our product. CBD oil contains cannabinoids which could improve many aspects of your pets health. Many pet owners have a positive experience with using CBD oil.


Anxiety, Cancer, Depression, Eczema, Gastro-intestinal conditions, Insomnia, Pain and Stress


Our products are 100% natural CBD (Not cheaper hemp alternative)

Vitozol does not contain any THC

A natural health supplement that can spark impressive results

Its an organic product

Wide range of uses

It can improve quality of life

Easy to add to any meal plan

Expert testing and high safety standards

Enjoy fast results

Pharmaceutically certified

Safe to use for almost any age

Low risk of side effects

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