Simple Solution Disposable Diapers

Simple Solution Disposable Diapers

Simple Solution
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Simple Solution Disposable Diapers for dogs help provide leakproof protection and eliminate dog urine messes. Each diaper features a tail hole, repositionable fur-friendly fasteners and a comfort leg fit to give your dog a secure fit every time. Ideal for dogs with urinary incontinence, females in heat, and excitable urination. 12 diapers per pack.

Simple Solution Diapers offer:

Leak-proof protection

Breathable outer layer

Maximum absorbency

Repositionable, fur-friendly fasteners

Secure fit

Waist sizes are as follows:

X-small: 25-33cm - young puppies and toy breeds

Small: 33-48cm - Pekingese/Maltese

Medium: 45-63cm - Beagle/Miniature Poodle

Large: 50-68cm - Basset Hound/Bull Terrier

Xtra Large: 63-76cm - German Shepherd/Dalmatian

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