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Raw Love Health Biscuits

Raw Love Health Biscuits

Raw Love
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Wheat Free Biscuits with Organic Rosehip, Rooibos & Sutherlandia.

Rooibos, rosehip and sutherlandia are believed to boost the immune system, to assist in the treatment of cancer and managing diabetes. Both rooibos and rosehip are often used to treat skin conditions.


Lentil flour, free range eggs, raw organic honey, organic rosehip powder, organic rooibos, organic sutherlandia, organic cold pressed coconut oil, baking soda – NO ADDED SALT, SPICES, PRESERVATIVES, COLOURANTS – pure goodness!


Our treats are hand-made with love by Work4You. Work4You is a social enterprise that creates real and  meaningful job opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities. Raw Love is proud to support this initiative.

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