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ProBono Iced Dog Biscuits 1kg

ProBono Iced Dog Biscuits 1kg

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Each biscuit is iced and decorated for a sheer indulgent treat. Like all Probono biscuits, they are hand made in South Africa with love and care before being topped with the icing and decorated to keep your dog’s tail wagging.


Wheat and whole wheat flour, meat and bone meal, bran, plant fats, non-lauric, non-sucrose coating, vitamins & minerals, flavourants & approved antioxidants. Probono biscuits also contain a blend of vitamins A, E and B group vitamins as well as magnesium, zinc and iron. 

No artificial colourants, no artificial flavourants, no preservatives.

Available in:

1kg for Small Doggies

1kg for Large Dogs

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