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Physiological Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

Physiological Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

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Routine ear cleaning in dogs and cats.  Provides exceptional cerumen removal, cleaning and odour-neutralising properties.


Micelle-rich, isotonic non-foaming formulation containing a patented aldehyde complex durable anti-odour agent, at physiological pH (identical to the skin of the animal), designed to provide optimal tolerance in the ears of dogs and cats. 


  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • If contact should occur, rinse thoroughly with water.

Directions for use:

Packaging is designed to avoid any difficulties or trauma to the animal, and has a soft tip to avoid damage or pain, and insertion too deep into the ear. Each pump delivers a metered dose, without noise to frighten the animal.  Ergonomic shape of the packaging aids single-handed use of the product.

  • Remove the cap.
  • Place the tip into the ear canal. 
  • One squeeze of the pump per ear.
  • After application, massage the base of the ear, then clean the interior of the ear with a cotton ball moistened with product.
  • Use once or twice weekly to maintain regular hygiene.
  • Avoid exposing product to prolonged temperatures above 30 °C.
  • Please follow your veterinarian’s guidelines for usage.



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