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Murphy's Ice Cream - Biltong & Carob Flavour

Murphy's Ice Cream - Biltong & Carob Flavour

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The perfect after dinner dessert or to be enjoyed on a lovely Summer's day.

Murphy’s Ice Cream is sold off the shelf at room temp and taken home for freezing. Murphy likes to lick his ice cream straight from the tub, but if your dog is a chewer, not a licker, it is recommended to remove from the tub before serving.

Murphy's ice cream contains delicious biltong (because...biltong) and the carob provides the safe, non toxic chocolate flavour, that dogs love.

Biltong is, of course, made right here in South Africa, while the carob is grown in Spain. The other top quality ingredients are sourced locally and internationally.


Water, starches (8% tapioca), beef biltong (min 8%), chicken, whey protein isolate (0.5% lactose), carob (min 4%), stabilizers, coconut oil, acidulants.
No synthetic flavourants or colourants.

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