Murphy's Gravy for Dogs - various flavours 400ml

Murphy's Gravy for Dogs - various flavours 400ml

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Murphy’s Gravy - the brief was to design a premium product, made with top quality ingredients; real meat (skinless chicken breasts, beef stewing steak and lean mutton), low salt, added prebiotics for gut health, and preservatives kept to a minimum. Above all however, Murphy’s Gravy had to be tasty, very tasty!

A food additive could upset the balanced diet that quality dog pellets provide, therefore the nutritional content of Murphy’s Gravy is kept purposefully low – low fat, low sugar and not too much protein.

A lot of thought also went into the packaging. As a premium product, Murphy’s Gravy simply had to be in a PET bottle – not only to keep the gravy fresh, but PET also recycles very well. And the lid is tamper proof for added safety.

Top quality ingredients for Murphy’s Gravy are sourced from France, Holland and locally.


Water, Beef Steak/Lean Mutton/Skinless Chicken Breast (min 8%), Chicken Liver Extract, Yeast Extract, Sodium Chloride, Stabiliser, Acidulants, Prebiotics (for gut health support), No Synthetic Flavourants


Beef, Chicken and Mutton in an easy to use 400ml squeezie bottle.

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