Fiprotec for dogs (Assorted sizes) Single Pipette

Fiprotec for dogs (Assorted sizes) Single Pipette

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Fiprotec is a monthly topical treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks suitable for puppies and dogs. It contains the active ingredient Fipronil 9.7% m/v. Fipronil will spread over the entire coat in the oils of the skin and hair follicles, killing all fleas within 24hours of application and ticks within 48 hours. Fiprotec has a residual effect which keeps killing fleas for up to 5 weeks and tick for up to 2 weeks. 


One 0,67ml pipette will cover one puppy/dog up to 10kg.

One 1,34ml pipette will cover one puppy/dog weighing 10 – 20kg.

One 2,68ml pipette will cover one puppy/dog weighing 20 – 40kg.

One 4,02ml pipette will cover one puppy/dog weighing 40 – 60kg.

For dogs weighing more than 60kg, the appropriate combination of pipettes should be used. If you are unsure as to which combination to use, please contact your veterinary healthcare provider for assistance.

  • Remove the pipette from the pack. 
  • Twist off the top
  • Part the hair on the back of the neck, at the base of the skull, until the skin is visible.
  • Place the pipette on the exposed skin and squeeze until all the contents have been emptied onto your pet’s skin. 

In severe infestations two treatments 2-3 weeks apart are recommended.

Your pet will need to be dry for 3 days before administering this product and 3 days after to ensure proper distribution over your pet’s skin.


  • Do not use on puppies under 10 weeks of age.
  • Do not get this product in your pet’s eyes or mouth.
  • Dispose of used pipette safely.


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