Eukanuba Adult Dog - Premium Performance, Working & Endurance

Eukanuba Adult Dog - Premium Performance, Working & Endurance

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Recommended for:

  • Suitable for ALL BREED adult dogs (1+ years) weighing < 60kg and GIANT BREED adult dogs (2+ years) weighing > 60kg with high energy and nutrient needs (hunting, field trials, patrol, rescue)

 Also recommended for: 

  • Pregnant/lactating dogs (high levels of DHA provide puppies with excellent brain and vision development)
  • Dogs with fast metabolisms / high energy needs AND senior dogs with muscle-wasting (provides nutritional support with high protein, fat and calories)
  • Fussy eaters / dainty appetites (tastes great and provides daily calorie intake)
  • Multi-dog households (more economical due to calorie dense food)

Product Information

  • Eukanuba’s HIGHEST level of protein (32%) and fat (22%) for peak performance
  • Nutrient rich to support scenting ability  (omega 3 fatty acids help nerve impulses effectively “talk” to each other)
  • Amino acids from animal protein help nourish exercising, powerful and lean muscles
  • Smaller stools
  • Guaranteed antioxidant levels for immune system support
  • 3D DentaDefence reduces tartar build-up for clean teeth & healthy gums
  • Natural Fibres and Prebiotics provide digestive health
  • Eukanuba now tastes even better with its brand new great-tasting recipe
  • 110% money back guarantee - T's & C's apply


Dehydrated poultry protein (41%), maize, animal fats, wheat, rice, maize flour, beet pulp, minerals, egg powder, yeast and parts thereof, hydrolysed animal proteins, fructo-oligo-saccharides, fish oil.

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