Dermoscent ATOP 7 Soothing Spray for Pets - 75ml

Dermoscent ATOP 7 Soothing Spray for Pets - 75ml

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Dermoscent Atop 7® Spray

Dosage form: Spray emulsion.


Hemp seed oil, neem seed oil, cajputi and tea tree essential oils, caper flower bud extract and oryzanol.


Atop 7® Spray is a patented, steroid-free soothing and moisturising emulsion for pruritic,
irritated and allergy-prone skins of dogs and cats.

Its innovative formulation and revolutionary submicron texture (0,1 to 0,4 µm) allows instant penetration and action. The spray forms an invisible and non-occlusive protective film or “second skin” giving long-lasting protection for several hours.

Atop 7® Spray has 7 simultaneous actions:

  • soothing
  • regenerating
  • soothes red inflamed skin
  • hydrating
  • protecting
  • purifying
  • antiseptic

Dosage and instructions for use:

Shake before use. Spray directly on the skin, once to several times a
day as needed.

Atop 7® Spray can be used either as a single treatment in moderate cases or as an adjunctive treatment in more severe cases of pruritic dermatitis such as atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and parasitic dermatitis.

Atop 7® Spray is steroid-free and is therefore recommended for frequent use in cases where steroid therapy is not advised or contra-indicated.


Box with braille

75ml gas-free triggerspray bottle for use on dogs and cats.

Shelf-life: 36 months from the manufacturing date.

Dermoscent Atop 7® Spray is not a pharmaceutical product and is not meant to replace one.

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