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Custom Health Joint Pro Support for Horses

Custom Health Joint Pro Support for Horses

Custom Health
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Joint Health & Inflammation: Professional Joint Support
A unique combination of joint nutrition. Assisting in optimal joint protection. Containing optimal nutritional doses of MSM, glucosamine sulphate, absorbable low molecular weight chondroitin sulphate, zinc and copper for tendon health support.

Ponies & Horses Up to 450kg: 90 days
Horses Over 450kg: 60 days
Full dosage directions are provided on product packaging

Supporting Health & Wellbeing
Custom Health provides effective and affordable nutritional supplements for horses and dogs. Products are thoroughly researched, contain the finest ingredients and are made to order. Custom Health has developed a select range of nutraceutical products to assist in managing some of the most frequent health challenges faced by leisure and high performance horses.
*Products are compounded upon receipt of order.

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