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Custom Health Advanced Joint & Health Support for Dogs

Custom Health Advanced Joint & Health Support for Dogs

Custom Health
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Joint Support & Protection for Dogs

For the management of moderate to significant joint changes. Contains MSM, glucosamine sulphate and absorbable low molecular weight chondroitin sulphate. A synergistic 3-in-1 combination that assists in joint protection, managing joint disease, relieving pain and inflammation, maintaining mobility. An anti-oxidant and supports health at a cellular level.

Custom Health offers a range of nutraceutical products to support joint health, reduce pain and inflammation and assist in the process of recovery from musculoskeletal injuries and operations.

Products are thoroughly researched, contain the finest ingredients and are made to order.


Weights from 20kg – 50+kg Maximum dose will last:
250g: 54x – 27 days 500g: 108x – 54 days 1kg: 216x – 108 days

Full dosage directions are provided on product packaging

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