Cool Dogs Ice Cream - various flavours

Cool Dogs Ice Cream - various flavours

Cool Dogs
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Cool Dogs Ice Cream™ provides the ultimate treat for your dog. While suitable for any time of day or season, Cool Dogs Ice Cream™ is not a replacement to a complete and balanced meal. Developed in coordination with a leading South African animal nutritionist.

Only A-Grade ingredients are used in the manufacture of Cool Dogs Ice-Cream™.

Cool Dogs Ice-Cream™ is packaged in a biodegradable tub and lid – even the labels are biodegradable.

Cool Dogs Ice-cream™ can be stored in the family freezer, it doesn’t smell and it is not a messy treat.

Vroomin' Venison & Coconuts


Real venison and coconuts, goats milk powder, collagen, probiotics

Blastin' Biltong


Real biltong (spice free) goats milk powder, collagen, probiotics

The dry ingredients and a COOL DOGS sticker are contained in the 500ml tub. The product is shelf stable for 12 months.


Add 125ml or half a cup of cold water to the dry ingredients and mix for 1 minute.The thick ice cream mixture is decanted back into the tub, lid secured and placed in the freezer for 6 hours. The ice cream is then scooped into the dogs bowls for a YUMMY treat.


The benefits of goats milk for dogs are endless. Goats milk is high in proteins, vitamins and probiotics. 

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