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Beefee Tablets 100's

Beefee Tablets 100's

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Beefee® Tablets is a nutritional supplement supplying vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids to supplement the normal diet of pets.

The tablets are tasty and acceptable to all pets. It should be given daily to help promote general health and improve skin and coat and is an excellent natural tonic and conditioner. It is prescribed for growing animals as well as pregnant and lactating animals. Beefee® Powder helps to combat listlessness and loss of appetite and aids in the recovery of sick animals. Contains no drugs, medicines or harmful ingredients.

Composition: Per level measure (5 g):

Vitamin A 15 000 iu, Vitamin D 15 iu, Vitamin E 0,75 iu, Vitamin C 12,5 mg, thiamine 0,25 mg, riboflavine 0,5 mg, pyridoxine 0,05 mg, vitamin B12 1 mcg, biotin 0,15 mg, niacin 1,5 mg, pantothenic acid 0,5 mg, folic acid 15 mcg, inositol 50 mcg, lysine
0,5 mg, glycine 0,5 mg, choline bitartrate 10 mg, dl-methionine 0,5 mg, calcium 0,49 g, phosphorus 0,38 g, magnesium 2,0 mg, iron 2,75 mg, copper 0,3 mg, manganese 0,35 mg, zinc 0,2 mg, iodine 0,15 mg, cobalt 30 mcg, sodium chloride 50 mg.

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