Bayticol 1L Insecticide Dip

Bayticol 1L Insecticide Dip

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  • Controls ticks on cattle, dogs, horses, ostriches and chickens of all ages.
  • Sterilises female ticks
  • Kills stable flies
  • Markedly reduces screwworm strikes on tick bite wounds (does not, however, kill screwworm maggots.
  • Has a residual action
  • No stripping problems
  • Controls Norther Fowl mite infestation in poultry
  • Controls Feather mites and ticks on ostriches.

Directions for use – use only as directed

The longer the dip is in regular use, the more the tick population is reduced. It becomes possible to dip less. Shake well before use. Dip or spray at regular intervals according to the tick challenge. Ensure thorough wetting of the animals.


Store in a cool place

Contains Flumethrin 2% m/v


  • No withdrawal for milk and meat
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals
  • Toxic for fish, bees and reptiles
  • Prevent contamination of rivers, dams etc.
  • Skin reactions may occur in a small percentage of cases, if this happens, wash affected animals with soap and water.


  • Bayticol is stable in plunge-dips and spray-races
  • Stripping minimal
  • No additives or stabilisers required
  • Bayticol is stable in all types of water
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